[En pondatti nallava] ponnukkula thodangiyadhu….

Gaana thathuvam :) full of meaning. I just loved it, hope you like it too.

Movie: En pondatti nallava
Poet: Elango / Satheesh
Music: Deva
Singer: Napolean
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(1)-(6)-(6)-(7)-(8)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(1)

(1) ponnukkula thodangiyadhu mannukulla adangudhadi adiye nyaanathangam,
idhil dhukkam yenna thuyaram yenna, yarai solli yenna panna adiye nyaanathangam,

what started inside a women (human life begins in a women’s womb), finds rest in soil ( when cremated)! oh knowledgeable people!
in it why this sorrow, why this remorse, what is the use in blaming people! oh knowledgeable people!

(2) indha udambellam ottayadi, idhil yenna kottaiyadi,

this body is itself not perfect with all holes ( our values, beliefs etc have flaws), why then is this craze to amass wealth and power,

(3) indha jananam maram irandum sagajam yenathukku aluvaradhu,

birth, death; both are natural and routine, so why become emotional (cry) for them,

(4) paaradi oru aaradi adhil neetikitta vambu thumbu yedhadi,
keeladi evan meladi , indha vedham yellam valum mattum dhaanadi,

Oh look! all we have is this 6 feet of body, once it rests ( dies) there are no problems it creates ( all the vices/fights that we make when alive, vanish when we die),
All the classes that we separate people into ( as some body being superior/ inferior), are applicable only till you are alive,

(5)indru manusan manakannuku, yedhum inge selladhu,
valve attam manakurangu, sonna pechu kekkadhu,
angayum, ada ingayum, adhu tharikettu nerikettu odudhu,

all the calculations that the human mind makes, is not valid now ( after death),
this life is a game in which the mind is a monkey; it does not listen to what is said,
it wanders around here and there.

(6)rendu per kondu vandadhu, oru naalu peru tholil yeru pogudhu,
nyaanigal appo sonnadhu, yen mulayila ippo vandhu yerudhu,

two people ( your parents) bring you here, now four people’s shoulders carry you back,
what the knowledgeable saints said then, is understandable to my intellect now,

(7)palli padippu padichadhilla, milli potten unnala,
andha sarakkil arivirukku, vandhu pochi thannayale,

I never did schooling (hence I never gained knowledge), I got into the habit of drinking(liquor) because of you ( in the song the actor is carrying his father’s dead body for cremation),
the liquor that I drank, had all the intellect, because of which I too got it automatically,

(8)kannula varum thanniya , ippo marachittu theruvula aduren

I am hiding the tears that come in my eyes ( due to your death), and dancing in the street

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