paramasivan kaluthil irundhu paambu

[Suryakanthi] Paramasivan kazhuthil irundhu paambu kettadhu…

Movie: Suryakanthi
Poet: Kannadasan
Music: M.S.Viswanathan
Singer: T.M.Souderajan
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(2)-(5)-(1)-(2)-(6)-(6)-(7)-(1)-(2)

(1)paramasivan kalzhuthil irundhu paambu kaettadhu, garuda sowkyama,

From the neck of Lord Shiva, the snake asked the eagle “are you doing fine?”.
(Lord Shiva’s neck is adorned with a snake, here the snake is in a safe place (Shiva’s neck) and is questioning (in a teasing tone) the eagle (traditionally, its arch enemy) about its well-being)

(2)yaarum irukum idathil irundhukondal ellam sowkyame, 
garudan sonnathu, adhil artham ullathu,

The eagle replies, “If everyone stays in their designated (rightful) place, then everything will be fine”, there is a (deeper) meaning in what the eagle said. 

(3)uyarndha idathil irukumpothu ulagam unnai madhikum,
un nilamai konjam irangivandhal nilalumkooda midhikum,

When you are in a high position then this world will respect you,
however when your status reduces a bit , then your own shadow will stamp you. 

(4)madhiyaadhar thalivaasal midhikadhey yendru,
maanamulla manidhanukku avvai sonnadhu,
adhu avvai sonnathu adhil artham ulladhu,

Don’t enter the house of a person who does not respect you,
this was told by Avvai to the man with self-respect,
there is a deeper meaning in what Avvai said.

(5)vandi ooda chakkarangal irandu mattum vendum,
andha irandil ondru siriyadhendral endha vandi oodum,
unnaipole alavodu uravada vendum,
uyarndhorum thalndhorum uravu kolvadhu,
adhu sirumai yenbadhu athil artham ulladhu,

For a vehicle to run, two wheels are necessary,
if one of them is smaller , then how can the vehicle run,
one should limit his relationship like you,
if people in high status and low status are involved in a relationship,
it leads to humiliation, there is a deeper meaning in it .

(6)neeyum naanum serndhirundhom nilavum vaanum pole,
naan nilavupola theindhu vandhen nee valarndhadhale,

You and me lived like the moon and the sky,
I eroded like the moon (faded away) since you ( the sky) grew, 

(7) yen ullam yennaiparthu keli seiumpodhu,
illaadhaan ilvalvil nimadhi yethu,
idhu kanavan sonnathu idhil artham ulladhu.

When one’s conscious (heart) see’s oneself and teases,
where is peace in this (non-existent) life,
this is what the husband said, it has a deeper meaning to it.