semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam lyrics

[World Classical Tamil Conference 2010] semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam…

Makes me feel so proud every time I listen to this :)

Poet: Karunanidhi
Music: A.R Rahman
Event: World Classical Tamil Conference 2010

Pirapukkum ella uyirkum pirandha pinnar,
yaddhum ooree yaavarum kelir,

for all living beings (who are equal by birth), after their birth,
every place is home, every one is a relative,

unnbadhu naazhi udupathu irande,
uraividam enbadhu ondre,
uraithu vazhndhom uzhaithu vazhvom,

a handful of food to eat, a couple of clothes to cover the body,
only one place to live,
we have lived keeping these things in mind, lets word hard and live,

theedhum nandrum pirar thara vaarai yenum,
nan mozhiye nam pon mozhiyaam,

evil or good, are not caused by others, but are always self inflicted,
its our language that taught us this, it is our golden language,

porai puram thalli porulai podhuvaakave,
amaidhi vazhi kaatum anbu mozhi,
ayyan valluvarin vaaimozhiyaam,
semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam,(4)

To push war and hatred on the backseat, and making all the material wealth common to everyone,
To show us the path to peace; our dear language has shown us all,
It is the oral language of our father Valluvar,
Its our Tamil language which is (now) a classical language,

{orrarivu mudhal aararivu uyirinam varayile,
unarndhidum udal amaipai pagirthu koorum,}(2)

from a single-sensed organism to the six -sensed (humans) organisms,
its characters depict the body structure of them all,

olga pugazh tholkappiyamum,
oppatra kural koorum uyar panpaadu,
olikindra silamubum meghalayum sindhamaniyudane,
vazhayapathi kundalakesiyum,
semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam,(4)

ancient Tamil literature like the olga pugazh, tholkappiyam,
and the matchless thirukkural , teach us higher way of life (morals and values),
enchanting literatures such as silappathikaaram, manimekalai , jeevaka sintamani,
vazhayapadhi and kundalakesi (In Tamil literature, they are the aim perum kaapiyangal (five greatest epics)),
Its out Tamil language which is (now) a classical language,

kamba naataalvaarum kavi arasi avvai nallaalum,(2)
yemmadhamum yetru pugazh gindra,(2)
yethanayo aayiram kavidhai neivor tharum,
puthadai anaithukkum vithaaga vilangum mozhi,
semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam,(3)

the language used by Kambar; his fellow men, and the princess of poetry – Avvai,
our language accepts all religions and sing praises of them,
our language has produced poets who write thousands of poems,
our language is the basis that weaves into every new cloth we wear (every action we do.  Its the basis of our life),
Its our Tamil language which is (now) a classical language,

agam endrum puram endrum,
vazhvai azhagaaga vaguthalithu,
aadhi andham illathu irukindra iniya mozhi,
oodhi valarum uyiraana ulaga mozhi,(2)
thamm mozhi namm mozhi adhuve,

what is inside, what is outside;
our language beautifully presents to us (in the right perspective), the meaning of “life”,
our language is sweet and has no known beginning , no end,
it has grown close to our hearts and become a part of our soul, it is a universal languauge,
its my language, its our languauge, that is…

semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam,
tamizh mozhi tamizh mozhi tamizh mozhi ya ghaa,

Its our Tamil language which is (now) a classical language,
Tamil language, Tamil language, Tamil language,

semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam(4)

Its our Tamil language which is (now) a classical language,

Tamizh Mozhiyam Engal Tamizh Mozhiyam(2)
Vazhiya Vazhiyave, Thamizh, Vazhiya Vazhiyave(2)

its Tamil languauge, our Lamil Languauge,
Let it live forever, Tamil , Let it love forever,

semmozhiyana Tamizh mozhiyaam,

our Tamil language is a classical language,