Sirkali Govindarajan

[Manamulla Marudhaaram] inbam enge inbam enge endru thedu …

Want to know what true happiness is? listen to this and find out :)

Manamulla Marudhaaram
Poet: Marudhakasi
Singer: Seergali Govindarajan
Music: KV Mahadevan
Song Sequence:(1)-(1)-(1a)-(2a)-(2a)-(2b)-(1a)-(3a)-(3a)-(3b)-(1)-(1a)-(4a)-(4a)-(4b)-(1)-(1)

(1)inbam enge inbam enge endru thedu,
adhu engirundhapodhum adhai naadi odu, 

constantly keep seeking happiness, pro-actively keep looking for it,
where ever it may be, go seek it,

(2) (a)indriruppor naalai inge iruppadhenna unmai,
idhai ennidaamal serthu vaithu kaathu enna nanmai, 
(b)irukkum varai inbangalai anubavikkum thanmai,
illai endraal vaalvinile unakku yedhu inimai,

people who are here today , are gone tomorrow ( everyone dies some day),
what is use of ignoring (not understanding) this fact and amassing and protecting materialistic objects (wealth)?
until we are alive, we should inculcate the ability to enjoy all the good things (which make us happy),
else in your lifetime you will never see happiness,

(3)(a)kani rasamaam madhu arundhi kalippadhalla inbam, 
kannigaiyarin thunaiyinile kidaippadhalla inbam ,
(b)inaiyillaa manaiyaalin vaay mozhiye inbam, 
aval idhal sindhum punnagaiye alavillaadha inbam ,

drinking sweet juices, alcoholic drinks and spending time is not happiness,
the pleasure derived with the help of young women is not happiness,
your incomparable wife’s sweet words are the true happiness,
the smile that comes out of her mouth is the limitless happiness, 

(4)(a)maadi manai kodi panam vaahanam veen jambam,
vaalvinile oruvanukku tharuvadhalla inbam, 
(b)mazhalai mozhi vaayamudham vazhangum pillai selvam,
un maar meedhu uraivadhile kidaippadhudhaan inbam, 

having multi-storey houses, crores of rupees , vehicles, are just unnecessary pride;
they do not give a person true happiness ( is not a true sign of happiness),
listening to the sweet voice and ramblings of your children,
and the way they sleep on your chest (shoulders) is the true happiness,

[Edhir neechal] vetri vendumaa pottu paarada edhir neechal..

This song is wonderful, talks about working hard and overcoming hardships to win in life. The original rendition of Seerkali is powerful; Enjoy :) . Oh By the way look at the link at the end of the lyrics. This is the first thing that came to my mind after listening to the song J. Hope you like it too…

Original :

Movie: Edhir neechal
Poet: Vaali
Singer: Seerkali Govindarajan
Music Director: V.Kumar
Song Sequence: (1)- (2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(5)-(1)-(2)-(3)

(1)vetri vendumaa pottu paarada edhir neechal,
(2)sardhaan poda thalaividhi enbadhu perum koochal,
(3)enni thunindhaal ingu, enna nadakaadhathu,
konjam muyandraal ingu, edhu kidaikaadhadhu,

do you want success?, swim against the tide ( depicted metaphorically to mean battle against tumultuous times) ( hard work, do things differently, smartly),
to attribute all your actions to fate and not doing what you truly want to do, is a big problem (irritating),
if you act bravely, carefully calculating all your moves; then what is it that is impossible?
if you put a bit of effort, there is nothing that you cannot get.

(4)pillaiyai perugira ammavukku,
pathu maasamum edhir neechal,
porakkura kulandhai nadakura varayil,
tharayil poduvadhu edhir neechal,
palliku palliku idathukku alayum,
appanukkadhudhaan edhir neechal,
pillaiku eppadi idam kidaichaalum,
paritchai vandhaal edhir neechal,

for the mother who bears her child,
the ten months of pregnancy is a swim against the tide ( battle against tumultuous times),
once the child is born, until the time it learns to walk,
leaving it ( putting) on the floor is a swim against the tide,
once the child grows a bit, finding/admitting to  a suitable school
is another hard time for the father,
even after the child gets an admission,
when the examinations come then its again a time to swim against the tide,

(5)kadarkarai oram nadakira kaadhal,
kalyanam mudippathum edhir neechal,
kanakkukku mele pillaiyai pethu,
kaalam kalippadhu edhir neechal,
kanmoodi valakkam mann moodi poga,
karuthai solvadhu edhir neechal,
veetuku veedu ottukkal vaangi,
padhavikku varuvadhu edhir neechal,

for the love that begins and flourishes at the beach ( usually the place where lovers meet , usually in secret),
for it to end in marriage is a swim against the tide,
if you give birth to more children ( more than necessary),
then spending time with all of them ( or living a good life) is a swim against the tide,
in order to abolish baseless superstitions,
making people believe in a convincing way against them is a swim against the tide,
to canvass for votes, going from door to door,
and coming to power is a swim against the tide,

(6)oru pidi sothukku oru jaan vayiru,
poraduvadhu edhir neechal,
oru pidi mannuku urimai kondu,
porkkalam povadhu edhir neechal,
ettadi mannil sikki vidaamal,
thappa ninaipadhu edhir neechal,
kooti kazhithu pottu paarkayil,
kadaisi varayil edhir neechal,

to work hard for a handful of rice, so as to fulfill  the foot long stomach we have,
is a swim against the tide,
to fight claiming ownership for a handful of land,
is a swim against the tide,
to not get entrapped in the 8 feet of mud (to die),
and cheating death is a swim against the tide,
if you actually look at the way we live our lives (do the balance sheet of life),
till the end , all we do is to swim against the tide.

[Karnan] Ullathil Nalla ullam urangadhenbadhu…

Krishna begs apology to Karna for deceiving him, and sings his praise. The song is wonderful.

Movie: Karnan
Poet: kannadasan
Music: M.S.Viswanathan
Singer: Sirkali govindarajan
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(1)

(1)உள்ளத்தில் நல்ல உள்ளம் உறங்காதென்பது 
வல்லவன் வகுத்ததடா கர்ணா
வருவதை எதிகொள்ளடா

Ullathil nalla ullam urangadhenbadhu,
vallavan vaguthadhadaa, Karna,
varuvadhai edhirkolladaa,

The nicest (best) among souls never fades (they stand the test of time and live forever),
this is the rule devised by god,
Hence, oh Karna, get ready to face what(ever) is coming your way (fate),

(2)தாய்க்கு நீ மகனில்லை 
தம்பிக்கு அண்ணனில்லை
ஊர்ப்பழி ஏற்றாயடா 
நானும் உன் பழி கொண்டேனடா

thaaiku nee magan illai,
thambikku annan illai,
oor pali etraayadaa,
naanum un pali kondenadaa,

you are not the son of your mother, ( Karna’s mother Kunti devi deserted him early)
you are not an elder brother to your siblings, (He went to against his brothers , The pandavas)
you took the blame for this world,
I (Krishna) too shall bear your sins (since Krishna too played a role in deceiving Karna by disguising as a Brahman and asking his virtues as donation in the War  )
(Refers to how unlucky Karna was)

(3)மன்னவர் பணியேற்கும் 
கண்ணனும் பணி செய்த
உன்னடி பணிவேனடாகர்ணா
மன்னித்து அருள்வாயடா 

mannavar pani erkum,
kannanum pani seyya,
unnadi panivaanadaa, Karna,
mannithu arulvaayadaa, 

The one who gets served by kings themselves,(Krishna)
he (Krishna) is ready to serve you,
he (Krishna) bows to you,
please forgive him and grace him, oh Karna,

(4)செஞ்சோற்று கடன் தீர்த்த 
சேராத இடம் சேர்ந்து
வஞ்சத்தில் வீழ்ந்தாயடா கர்ணா
வஞ்சகன் கண்ணனடா

senjotru kadantheerka,
seraatha idam serndhu,
vanjathil vilnthayadaa, Karna,
vanjagan kannanadaa.

To repay the debt to the person who fed you, (referring to Karna taking the side of Kauravaas),
you took the side of the people who are not right (Kauravaas),
by doing so you fell into the trap of deception, oh Karna,
although the real deceiver is Krishna himself.

[Rambayin Kadhal] Samarasam ulavum idame….

Wow! what a song ! what a thathuvam! the song depicts the unnecessary barriers and groupings we humans make. The lyrics convey that once you die , we are all the same , doesnt matter how/what you lived! ( ultimate truth) , so why make all the fuss when we are alive? something for every one of us to ponder about!

Movie: Rambayin Kadhal
Poet: Marudhakasi
Music director: T.R.Paapa
Singer: Sirkali Govindarajan

சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா

Samarasam ulaavum idame,
nam vaazhvil kaanaa,

the place where “equality” is prevalent,
which none of us get to see during our life times,

சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே

Samarasam ulaavum idame,
nam vaazhvil kaanaa,
Samarasam ulaavum idame,
Samarasam ulaavum idame,
nam vaazhvil kaanaa,
Samarasam ulaavum idame,
nam vaazhvil kaanaa,
Samarasam ulaavum idame,

ஜாதியில் மேலோர் என்றும் 
தாழ்ந்தவர் தீயோரென்றும் பேதமில்லாது 

jaathiyil melor endrum,
thaaznthavar theeyor endrum bethamillathu,

caste discrimination , where the high class are considered elite,
the low caste and considered sinners , 
these differences are not there in the grave yard!

எல்லோரும் முடிவில் சேர்ந்திடும் காடு
எல்லோரும் முடிவில் சேர்ந்திடும் காடு

ellorum mudivil serndhidum kaadu,
ellorum mudivil serndhidum kaadu,

all of us finally reach this forest(ground)!

தொல்லையின்றினே தூங்கிடும் வீடு
தொல்லையின்றினே தூங்கிடும் வீடு

thollai indriye thoongidum veedu,
thollai indriye thoongidum veedu,

This is the house, where all of us sleep without any worries! 

உலகினிலே இது தான் 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே

ulaginile ithuthaan,
Nam vaazhvil kaanaa,
Samarasam ulavum idame,
Nam vaazhvil kaanaa,
Samarasam ulaavum idame,

In this world, this is the place where equality is prevalent (which we dont see during our lifetime) 

ஆண்டி எங்கே அரசனும் எங்கே 
ஆண்டி எங்கே அரசனும் எங்கே

aandi yenge, arasanum yenge,
aandi yenge, arasanum yenge,

The beggar finally comes here, the king also finally comes here

அறிஞன் எங்கே அசடனும் எங்கே 
அறிஞன் எங்கே அசடனும் எங்கே

aringyan yenge , asadanum yenge,
aringyan yenge , asadanum yenge,

the intellectual finally comes here , the fool also finally comes here

ஆவி போன பின் கூடுவார் இங்கே
ஆகையினால் இது தான்

aavi ponapin kooduvaar inge,
agaiyinal idhu dhan,

once your soul leaves ( you die) , people gather here,
hence this is the place where equality reigns! 

நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே

Nam vaazhvil kaanaa
Samarasam ulaavum idame
Nam vaazhvil kaanaa
Samarasam ulaavum idame

சேவை செய்யும் தியாகி ஸ்ருங்கார போகி
சேவை செய்யும் தியாகி ஸ்ருங்கார போகி

sevai seiyum thyaagi , shringaara bhogi,
sevai seiyum thyaagi , shringaara bhogi,

the  person who helps others and sacrifices, the person who enjoys all the pleasures of this life,

ஈசன் பொற்பாதம் தன்னை நாடிடும் யோகி
ஈசன் பொற்பாதம் தன்னை நாடிடும் யோகி

eesan porpadhan thannai naadidum yogi,
eesan porpadhan thannai naadidum yogi,

The yogi who reaches for the foot ( blessings) of God, 

எல்லோரும் இங்கே ஒன்றாய் உறங்குவதாலே
எல்லோரும் இங்கே ஒன்றாய் உறங்குவதாலே

yellorum inge ondraay uranguvadhinaale,
yellorum inge ondraay uranguvadhinaale,

all these people sleep here together, and hence its the only place where equality reigns!

உண்மையிலே இது தான் 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே
சமரசம் உலாவும் இடமே 
நம் வாழ்வில் காணா

unmaiyil idu dhan
Nam vaazhvil kaanaa
Samarasam ulavum idame
Nam vaazhvil kaanaa
Samarasam ulavum idame
Samarasam ulavum idame
Nam vaazhvil kaanaa

[Neer Kumizhi] Aadi adangum valkaiyadaa…..

Movie : Neer Kumizhi
Poet :  Suratha
Singer: Seergali govindarajan
Music: V.Kumar
Song Sequence : (1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(5)

(1)ஆடி அடங்கும் வாழ்க்கையடா
ஆறடி நிலமே சொந்தமடா
ஆடி அடங்கும் வாழ்க்கையடா

aadi adangum vaalkaiyadaa,
aaradi nilamey sondhamadaa,
aadi adangum vaalkaiyadaa,

life ends(shuts down) after all the play,
six feet of land ( for your cremation) is all that belongs to you
life ends(shuts down) after all the play,

(2)முதலில் நமக்கெல்லாம் தொட்டிலடா
கண் மூடினால் காலில்லா கட்டிலடா

mudhalil namakkellaam thottiladaa,
kan moodinal kaal illaa kattiladaa,

[When we are born we have a cradle for us,
once you close your eyes (die) we have a leg less bed  (The bed on which dead and taken to the grave yard ) ]

(3)பிறந்தோம் என்பதே முகவுரையாம்
பேசினோம் என்பதே தாய்மொழியாம்
மறந்தோம் என்பதே நித்திரையாம்
மரணம் என்பதே முடிவுரையாம்

pirandhoom enbadhe mugavuraiyaam,
pesinom enbadhe thaai mozhiyaam,
marandom enbadhe nithiraiyaam,
maranam enbadhe mudivuraiyaam,

[ it seems that our birth is the foreward,
it seems what we speak is out mother tongue,
it seems when we forget its sleep,
it seems when we die its the concluding verse]

(4)சிரிப்பவன் கவலையை மறைக்கின்றான்
தீமைகள் செய்பவன் அழுகின்றான்
இருப்போம் என்றே நினைப்பவர் கண்களை
இறந்தவன் அல்லவோ திறக்கின்றான்

sirippavan kavalaiyai marakkindran,
theemaigal seibavan alugindran,
iruppom endre ninaippavar kangalai,
irandhavan allavo thirakkindraan,

[ A person who smiles , forgets his worries,
A person who does bad to others,cries,
for people who think about staying back ,
their eyes are opened by the dead ,
( The dead help the people who want to live on in the earth about the truth of life and its misconceptions) ]

(5)வகுப்பார் அதுபோல் வாழ்வதில்லை
வந்தவர் யாருமே நிலைத்ததில்லை
தொகுப்பார் சிலரதை சுவைப்பதில்லை
தொடங்குவார் சிலரதை முடிப்பதில்லை

vaguppaar athupol vaalvathillai,
vandhavaar yaarume nilaithathillai,
thoguppaar silar athai suvaippathillai,
thodanguvaar silar athai mudippathillai,

[ People  preach , but dont live what they preach,
there is no one who was born and stayed on forever,
People  present , but never really taste what they present,
people start , but don’t finish what they started]